The Kayak Roll - A BWA Roadmap

Disclaimer:  The following information has not been approved by the BWA Steering Committee or Safety Officer and is in a development phase only.  It is not to be used as a substitute for learning a kayak roll with an instructor. It does not necessarily follow American Canoe Association guildelines or curricula.  Use at your own risk!


 What's a roll, and why learn the roll so early?


A roll is a maneuver to get a kayak from an upside down position in the water to right-side up, while you are still in the kayak.

Two main reasons to learn the roll early: safety and enjoyment of and enhancement in learning the sport.  First, its almost always safer to stay in your boat, preferably right-side up, than out swimming in whitewater.  Second, you are going to flip in your kayak.  The more new things you try, the more likely you'll be flipped.  In order to enjoy the sport and to learn new things, its better to have a good roll in order to right yourself quickly in seconds rather than to take minutes to swim, get back together with your boat and paddle, empty the boat of water, etc.

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