Advanced Rolls

After much practice, time on rivers, getting some combat rolls under your belt, and generally have a rock solid roll on one side, you are ready to learn more advanced rolling skills.

 Learn to roll on your off-side


Start working on learning to roll on your non-dominant, off-side.  This should be as easy as doing the mirror image of your dominant side roll, but if it were that easy to do sports with your off-hand, you'd see a lot more people trying it.  It is more critical, at some point, to be able to have an off-side roll in kayaking than other sports.  Its easier to get pinned against rocks where you can't roll on your dominant side, but you would be able to on your off-side.

Start practicing only your off-side roll on your first attempts, and use your dominant-side roll if you miss your off-side.  Eventually, when you get your off-side roll, continue practicing it 60-70% of your first attempts.  Then, practice your weaker-side 60-70% of the time.


Learn to do a hand-roll

Start with hand paddles and see if you can roll with those instead of a paddle.  Once you can do that, try rolling with just your hands.  

Learn to roll other boats

 Try rolling boats other than your own.  Find a so called "hard to roll" boat and try rolling in it.  Try rolling a touring kayak.


Learn other rolls


If your main roll is a sweep roll, try learning a C-to-C roll.  Try to learn some of the following rolls:

 Back Deck Rodeo Roll
 Twist and Slice Roll  
 Other hybrid rolls
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Acknowledgements:  Most of the content of this roadmap came out of BWA forum posts by BWA Safety Officers Wes Prince and Hanley Loller, formatted into web pages and with photos by Don Perkins.

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