Family memberships and directory entries

07 Dec 2009 2:39 PM | Anonymous member

There are a couple of ways to handle family members if you have a family membership.

  1. Create a separate directory entry for them - Wild Apricot has a concept of bundled memberships. The person who signs up for a family membership is designated the Bundle Administrator.  In their profile entry, you can add Bundle Members.  Bundle Members will have their own entry in the directory and log-on capability, get emails sent out by the system, everything a regular member gets, except maybe renewal notices.  Since we entered most people into the database, there are a couple of places where we chose one person over another as the Bundle Adminstrator, but we can change that.   This is the way to handle memberships that have independently active boaters in the household.
  2. List them under your entry - we have a free form field where you can add their names.  This is the way to handle most children, uninterested significant others, pets, or whatever.

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