BWA Wild Apricot Site Up and Running

06 Dec 2009 6:47 PM | Anonymous member

The BWA Wild Apricot Site (this site) is up and running.  To see the member directory, the handbook, or any other members-only content, you'll need to log onto the site.  Most members won't have a password unless you've joined in the last couple of weeks.  You'll have to hit the Forgot Password link.  The system will send out an email with instructions on how to set your password - make sure you use the email id that would have been in old the handbooks, or one that you gave Heather recently.

To view or change your directory entry, use the View Profile link. You are encouraged to upload a photo of yourself when you are updating your entry.  Please use a "head shot" type photo - its hard to see faces in wide panoramic shots.  You can create a photo album under your profile if you want to add other pictures.

If you have any questions, or comments, let me or Heather know.


  • 06 Dec 2009 5:34 PM | Anonymous
    Strong work, perhaps soon our forums will be here.
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    • 07 Dec 2009 2:55 AM | Anonymous member
      The Wild Apricot forums work exactly like the AW Forums until it gets to email notifications. It defaults to no notifications-you have to subscribe to the forum. When you, do then each topic defaults to daily notification instead of immediate. Don't see a path for them to replace the AW forums.
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    • 07 Dec 2009 3:35 AM | Anonymous member
      broccoli is good for you
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      • 08 Dec 2009 5:36 AM | Anonymous member
        I'd say more like liver, than broccoli. If the controls for topic notification were in the forums with the topics, I'd say it was like broccoli - but they are hidden over in your profile - liver - yuk.
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