Red River Cleanup

  • 11 May 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • CR 715 Bridge near the Copperas Creek canoe launch

Please join the Bluegrass Wildwater Association in the annual Red River Cleanup! Conservation is at the core of our mission, and this is one of our main events of the year!

The Red is a remote river cleanup with no facilities. You must dress for being on/in the water. Treat this like a paddling trip, but leave your good drysuit at home. Throw ropes and a first aid kit are good ideas. Polypro or an old farmer john wetsuit is your best bet for clothing. You must bring your own boat/paddle or secure a spot in a canoe with a friend. Duckies will be provided to haul trash but they are not for personal use. Sit on top kayaks and rec boats work better than whitewater boats due to the ease of getting in an out. Bring gloves, lunch and plenty of water. Make sure your footware choices allow for walking in and out of the water. There is one stretch, (approximately 1/4 mile) where the trash has to be physically portaged around some significant rapids. These rapids are pretty easy for an experienced boater, but it is next to impossible to get a loaded trash ducky through this. All volunteers are expected to help with the trash portage. At the end of the day, beer and snacks will be provided at the takeout and then dinner from Miguel's after that.

This section of the Red River is a beautiful stretch of river (very much like a small version of the Big South Fork or the Russell Fork with massive boulders, tight turns, etc). Unfortunately, it also has a lot of pollution. This is getting better thanks to better education and trash facilities and to the efforts of folks like the organizer Russ Miller who we will be assisting. Please come out for what will be a hard day's work and a sense of satisfaction that you helped make one of the prettier places on earth a little bit prettier.

Deadline to sign up: May 4, 2019
Contact: Allen Kirkwood at
In case of cancellation due to high water you will be contacted before the morning of May 11

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