BWA June Steering Committee Meeting @ Jansen & Kyle's House

  • 05 Jun 2018
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • 3237 Mammoth Drive Apt B, Lexington, KY 40517

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At the last steering committee meeting of the 2017/2018 officers. The president is going to have a cookout at his place in honor of all the hard work the steering committee has put in this year. If steering committee members can bring a side to share that would be great but don't stress if your schedule is tight. Feel free to bring your pups. The patio is fenced in and there is an acre lot that fenced in as well. There will be a couple coolers with ice. So bring whatever beverage you prefer to drink.

Note: All members are welcome to come to steering committee meetings and share their input. Only Steering Committee members have the right to vote at these meetings.

BWA Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

A meeting of Bluegrass Wildwater Association was held at Rock House Brewing on 06/05/2018 [Time].

Steering Committee Members in Attendance





Kyle Koeberlein


Mike Daughtery

Vice President

Jansen Cunningham


Ben Mudd


Don Spangler

Newsletter Editor

Brian Storz

River Conservation Liaison

Robert Watts

Safety Officer

Clay Warren

Program Director

James Welch

Film Festival Coordinator

Joe Wheatley

Web Meister

Brandy Mellow

Gear Meister

Codie Dunn

Member At Large

Dot Edwards

Membership Coordinator

Bob Larkin

Past President

Non-Steering Committee Members in Attendance

[list names].


President – Kyle Koeberlein:

1. Bank account transition

2. Big thanks to 2017/2018 Steering Committee

Vice President - Mike Daughtery:

1. Spring Clinic Update

Secretary - Jansen Cunningham

Treasurer -Ben Mudd:

Newsletter Editor – Don Spangler:

1. Newsletter Update

River Conservation Liaison – Brian Storz:

Safety Officer – Robert Watts:

Program Director – Clay Warren:

Film Festival Coordinator – James Welch:

Web Meister – Joe Wheatley:

Gear Meister – Brandy Mellow:

Member At Large – Codie Dunn:

Membership Coordinator – Dot Edwards:

1. Current membership status?

Past President – Bob Larkin:


[This portion of the basic agenda sets aside time for officers (and members, when appropriate) to make announcements. However, the fact that this is an agenda item does not prevent the chair from making an emergency announcement at any time.]


[Committee Member] made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6/5/2018 At [Time] and it was seconded by [Committee Member]. The motion was carried

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