The Great Elkhorn Creek Trash Bash

  • 02 Jun 2018
  • Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort


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The Great Elkhorn Creek Trash Bash is June 2nd

Well at long last the clean up on the Elkhorn is drawing near. "The Great Elkhorn Creek Trash Bash" is set for June 2nd

The plan is simple, In order to change the public's perception about taking care of their local streams, we want to involve as many new people and businesses to the beauty of the Elkhorn River as possible. People that don't normally get involved in this sort of thing. We want to change the public's perception and the best way to do it is to get them involved. We'll make it fun for them, we'll make it a great team building exercise and on top of that, they get to compete against other companies in the same industry to see which teams can haul out the most trash. This year it'll be local breweries competing, next year who knows.

Ok, here's where you come in. We need volunteers to form up a couple of teams of our own, along with a couple from the Vikings to do the whitewater section from the forks down to AW Acres. If you can get a canoe, a raft or a Duckie, that would be great. we need anywhere from 4 to 6 people to represent the BWA and the same from the Vikings. Please IM me if you're interested, and don't forget to give me your shirt size. (All team members get a special "Team BWA or Team Viking shirt"

We also need volunteers to assist the other teams, "Ground crews". Canoe Kentucky will be donating the canoes and the shuttle for the flatwater section teams but we'll also need help getting this thing organized and running smoothly. Please help out with this worthwhile cause. After the event we'll all get together, have an awards ceremony, eat and have a great time. Camping will be available on the Elkhorn should you so desire so come, bring the family and have a great time. Be a part of keeping the Elkhorn the treasure it is.

More details to follow.

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