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The BWA Rain Chasers is the official facebook group of the BWA but more than that. It's truely what the members of the BWA are. The Facebook group is for member discussion. This group was created so members can communicate quickly about rain events, river levels and other topics of interest to the BWA whitewater community. Keep up with Bluegrass Wildwater Association events and news on our official page. All other topics should be posted on the BWA Forum. Please keep in mind that not all BWA members use Facebook and encourage members to keep up with the BWA Forum as well.

BWA Rain Chasers On Facebook



Members Only 
Although this forum is open to everyone to read, this is not an open forum. You must be a BWA member to get access to post. 

Sign up and get added to the BWA Members group 

You must first register as a new user on the forum system at the link below (select the Create a New Profile function). It is recommended that you NOT use both your first and last name in your username, or your email address for security reasons. Once you sign up and an email is sent to you to validate your account and you become a registered user, send your username to
 to get placed in the BWA Members group. This gives you post access to the forums. If you are registering as a family member of someone with a family membership, send the original member's name as well. If you are a member in good standing you will be added to the forum and an email reply will be sent. Be patient, this is a manual operation - the administrator may take from a few minutes to a few days to respond. 

If you don't get an email from the system after you sign up, it may have been caught by your spam filter. Look for an email from BWA Forums <> wherever your email system puts spam. To get email notifications on posts in the future, you will have to allow emails from the domain, and potentially somewhere in your email or spam blocking software. 

Set your options to get notifications on posts 
These forums are not set up to email any posts to you by default. We use the Phorum open source forum as the basis for our forums. You can use Phorum's base functionality to subscribe to individual topics, or you can use the add-on Forum Subscription function in the Control Center to get emails from all or selected forums (similar to the Automatic group emails that used to exist on AW's site). Be careful if you mix these two, you could get multiple emails on posts. 

If you don't start receiving emails when posts are made, see the discussion in the previous section about spam filtering. 

Create a signature and set it to be used by default 
Its suggested you supply a signature under Edit Signature in the Control Center, and set the "Add my signature to this message" checked by default under Forum Settings to Yes so people know who you are when you make posts - especially if your username is nonobvious. This will allow those getting emails of your posts to know who you are without having to go into the forum. 

If not in the Eastern Time Zone, set your time zone 
In the Control Center, under Forum Settings, set the Custom Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time controls to match your time zone. 

Try to limit attachments 
To keep storage costs down, try to use Picasa, Facebook or other online storage for pictures, and YouTube or Vimeo for videos and just put a link to them in forum posts. Any files attached directly to a post are likely the first things to be purged if we run out of storage. 

Don't reply to forum emails when you mean to post a reply
You'll probably do it anyway at some point, but if you reply to an email notification about a post, it will just go to, and not be posted as a reply to the original post. You should click on the link in the email that will take you to the thread where you can post a reply.  

Forum posting guidelines 

  • No pornography
  • Please censor yourself - this is a forum open to public view
  • No commercial business postings by people associated with the business - owners, officers, employees, or their family members except for posts offering skills and/or safety instruction. Such posts must be identified as offers for commercial instruction and posted in the Commercial Instruction sub-forum
  • No personal attacks, direct or indirect, libelous or not
  • No political, religious, or social rants - there are public forums out there you can use instead of ours
  • No official club business - no new motions, voting, etc. for funding or anything. Proposals are acceptable, but they also need to be sent directly to the club president to be added to the agenda of the appropriate meeting before any action can be taken. About half the club members are not on the forum.
Violations can result in anything from censorship, deletion of postings, to the disabling your account.


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